Just like our friends and family, everyone has their own relationship to music.

Music = Vibration + Frequency + Tone

Resonance is absolutely vital. And you deserve to be at your best whenever YOU want to be!

Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you gravitate to the bass? Drums? Ambient Noise?

What station do you enjoy listening to online or in the car?

Do you like to use headphones? Your car radio? Your computer?

Resonance is vital and in the common thread of life.

If you resonate with music and you meet it with vulnerability, I am sure that you will resonate with what I am doing with LifeRhythms.

Music is the pulse of life and you deserve to live happily.

There are many of us who truly believe that it is possible to thrive. And so do you! I know that you do!

You truly do. And I believe in you, who you are and what you do!

Looking forward to connecting with you and serving / supporting you in the most authentic way possible – need it be through partnership, collaboration and/or client. You’re investing time in me and I truly appreciate that!

Only the best and more to come!

Your friendly Audio-Alchemist,