Indulge in yourself for a few. Kick back, relax and enjoy the sonic journey that LifeRhythms and Evlov have in store for you.



Everybody has their own relationship with healing and wellbeing. I sensed that from experiences during my teenage years. I remember listening to New Age music and even music that had a very warm ‘synthy’ kind of sound. Even before I learned about sound healing, I knew that music provided a type of experience to help invoke and support feelings, emotions, actions and experiences. I wanted to make sure that even though I was providing personalized pieces of music to help support my clients, that more people could still have a chance to find their own version of healing, experiencing music that I have created.

I invite you to take some time to immerse yourself in a space that feels most alive and aligned for you – and listen to the music that is calling out to you on this page. As you listen, may you receive what is most desired for yourself in the most easeful and effortless way possible. I simply want you to feel the way that you are desiring to feel in this moment.

Enjoy the journey!


Your Life. Your Rhythm. Your Frequency.

Evlov music explores various genres, influences, themes and textures that are much different than LifeRhythms music. I created this style of music for those who really appreciate the uniqueness and flavors of various music genres. Even when I started to create music, I knew that I wasn’t bound to any specific genre. I felt that my music took on a life of it’s own.

Sometimes I would create music that sounds like it would be more receptive by those living in the future. Other times, I feel like past songs are rather timely for the present. You can definitely feel a uniqueness when it comes to experiencing various Evlov music. I have felt fortunate enough to have two albums that are released by a domestic and international label and also have music available for various licensing placements.

When you listen to Evlov’s albums, each of them will take you on a journey that will hopefully inspire, motivate and empower you. Whether you are out for an evening, cleaning your home or even meditating, I am positive that you will feel called to immerse yourself in the right ‘Evlov frequencies’ that are relevant for you.

So kick back, relax and enjoy those powerful and unique sounds that will be soon coming from your speakers!

Your journey never sounded so good.