by LifeRhythms | Solar Plexus Chakra (Sample Track)

Everybody has their own preferences and modalities when it comes to healing. And wherever you are, there are various modalities that are available to you. This collection is equipped to meet you where you are at, wherever you are at on your healing journey.  

LifeRhythms Chakra Collection Vol. 1 is a collection of sounds that are inspired to help you elevate, expand, heal and align your major chakra system. This is the first volume of sounds to help you create the healing and expansion that you desire at this current time in your life. 

When ‘tuning in’, you are invited to set an intention for what you are desiring most for (and from) this music – whether you work on an individual chakra or you listen to the set as a whole (in whatever order you desire). Let the music take you on a journey without having to think about what it may be doing in the background. You will be surprised of its magic and benefits. Recorded in 528 hz, this music can greatly help you with anxiety, insomnia, relaxation, PTSD, deep meditation, grounding and more!