If you believe in the power of music and you are seeking a modality to manifest what you desire, a Customized Affirmation may be the perfect one for you!

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful to manifest what is deeply desired in all aspects of our lives. Regardless of our human similarities, all of us operate on different wavelengths or "frequencies". Many of us have needs and desires that are wanting to be witnessed in our lives - immediately!

Many gurus, thought leaders and successful professionals use affirmations in their daily practice. Many people create affirmations for the masses to use on for their daily life. Many have benefited from this and others are still struggling.

Wouldn't you want something that is specifically designed to help YOU manifest what is most sacred in your life?

I was thing the EXACT same thing! Back in 2013, I was called to create a piece of music that was specifically tailored for a coaching client of mine to help him anchor and ground himself while he wanted to embody what was most desirable for himself. It was that exact experience in which I knew that I wanted to create something that was powerful enough to help people attract what they are deeply desiring inside of themselves!

Most of the customized affirmations I create use soothing ambient music. I have received requests to use other sounds and it is my pleasure to help you cultivate a sound that is pleasurable and soothing for your ears.

When I complete the final recording, you own 100% of the rights to this recording. Because of the agreement that we have (especially with confidentiality) I do not broadcast this anywhere. The process I create is extremely simple and powerful. And during the creation process, I hold space for you in the most gentle, vulnerable and respectful way to help co-create safety, ease and wellbeing.

Your customized affirmation is ideal for manifesting:

- Freedom from Anxiety and Uncertainty
- Gaining Ground and Balance
- Movement through Sadness & Depression
- Desired Relationships
- Embodying Wealth and Wellness
- Attracting Your Ideal Career
- Your Most Sacred & Desired Goals, Ambitions and Dreams
- Mending of a Broken Heart
- Grieving over a Relationship Breakup
- Grieving over a death of a loved one (including pets)
- Recovering from an Illness (Cancer, Common Cold, Flu, etc.)

All Sessions Include:

- 1 Hour Session via phone to create your affirmation
- 1 High Quality MP3 File
- 1 Piece of Cover Art (perfect for anchoring)

For more questions or comments about session times or rates, please feel free to contact me. It is my pleasure to connect with you and provide you what you need in a timely manner!

Here are some real examples of customized affirmations that have been created for LifeRhythms clients:

My Process:

My process is extremely simple. My intention is to create as much ease and effortlessness in any co-creative process that I take part in. Here is my process with how I help you create your customized soundscape:

Step 1) Discovery Session - We connect on the phone or Skype about your amazing project.

Step 2) Conceptual Phase - I create your ideal soundscape.

Step 3) Revisions - I create the necessary revisions for your final approval.

Step 4) Final Approval - Your track is complete and is 100% yours. You control the license and contain ALL rights to the music. Yes, I am serious! All of them!

Click here to listen to some of my music samples.

Ready to discuss your project?

I offer a complimentary 'no-strings attached' phone call or skype session to discuss your existing or upcoming projects. My intention is to create a space that provides excitement, clarity and satisfaction with the direction of your project! Click here to be redirected to the Contact Page.