And not only that … imagine if that support came from you!

You are the most influential person in your life.

Every single hour of every single day (and night) you’re in a conversation with yourself …

But what does that conversation sound like?

So often, the things we say to ourselves are anything but inspirational.

In fact, they can be downright rude, mean and cruel.

That’s because the messages you’ve heard throughout your life are stored deep in your subconscious mind …

And although many of those messages are positive, it’s the negative messages that sound the loudest.
They are the thoughts you hear, replaying in your own voice, on a continuous loop day in and day out.

They’re the thoughts that are blocking you from the life of abundance, happiness and joy you truly desire.

The great news is that you can reprogram your mind with new messages.

Messages of positivity, compassion and support that will alter the conversation you have with yourself … forever


You may have tried them for yourself

But I want to let you into a little secret…

There is a way to amplify positive affirmations to quickly change your internal conversation.

What if you could:

  • Harness the power of your own voice
  • Smash through the blocks that have kept you stuck
  • Eliminate the worries and fears that have paralyzed you
  • Align your vibration with all the abundance of the universe
  • Amplify your power to attract the life you truly desire


Your Resonance Recording

Everyone has their own rhythm
This is how you find yours …


Your brain has collected information about the world, and your place in it, throughout your entire life. It uses this information to ‘decide’ what gets, and what doesn’t get processed for thinking. The basis for this decisions is:

Given what I already know, what makes the most sense?
I’ll process that.

In other words, your brain accepts information that matches what it already knows (believes to be true) and rejects information that it doesn’t recognize.

The messages (thoughts) you hear over and over again in a never ending loop in your mind, is your brain replaying what it already accepts as true. And because it’s only searching for what it knows, it will show you ‘proof’ in your experiences of life that what it believes is true, is in fact true.

This is one of the ways your brain keeps you safe and the reason that when you want to make a change, you experience so much resistance.


Your brain is rejecting anything that doesn’t match what it believes to be true.

So when you want to alter something in your life; whether that’s more happiness in yourself or more wealth in your bank account, your brain will naturally create resistance to let you know, ‘this feels wrong’.

You’ll hear that resistance as a thought spoken in your own voice. With the voice of all your internal conversations.

Your voice is therefore the most influential one you’ll ever hear.

Thankfully, the words you choose to speak in your own voice also have the power to cut through your brain’s inherent resistance to anything new.



Scientific research has shown that self-affirmations activates the reward centres of your brain; the same areas that respond to other pleasurable experiences such as eating your favorite food or winning a prize.  This type of brain behavior can help dampen pain, restore balance and provide an emotional buffer to painful and negative information.

Daily self-affirmations have been shown to:

  • Reduce health-deteriorating stress
  • Decrease resistance to new concepts
  • Increase your ability to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Deduce overthinking
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Build resilience

When you practise affirmations, you teach your brain a new way to think about the world you live in. This changes what your brain processes (on your behalf) leading you to see different things and experience different thoughts until your reality begins to match your affirmations.


The most powerful affirmations are ones that are specific to you and to your deepest desires.

When you speak the words you need to hear in your own voice, you’re telling your brain what to look for, and what to process, so you can experience the results you are seeking in your life.

And your brain will always do what you ask it to do.


Music has been shown to ignite various parts of the brain in usually unresponsive Alzheimer’s patients. When their favorite music is played, their eyes light up, they start moving and sometimes even sing. The power of music to move us is simply incredible!

Music impacts brain function and human behavour by:

  • reducing stress
  • easing pain
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • improving sleep quality
  • balancing mood
  • increasing clarity of thought
  • triggering action
  • promoting trauma healing

Familiar music has the power to relax your brain allowing new messages of affirmation to bypass the brain’s default ‘decision making’ process. With less resistance to new concepts, your power to reprogram your mind is amplified tenfold.


Music is vibration and vibration is the way you communicate with the energetic universe around you

Combining positive thought frequency, with the vibration of music that makes you smile, amplifies your request to the universe.

Your voice, speaking your words, set to music (designed specifically for your ears) is like singing a song of creation to manifest your deepest desires.


Your resonance recording captures that creative song


facilitator, music producer and internationally signed recording artist … and I know what it feels to struggle.

For many years I felt stuck, powerless to break through the painful experiences of my past. I worked hard to do the right thing, to take care of the people around me and to be the ‘good guy’.

But it seemed no matter how hard I tried, and no matter what I did … I just couldn’t find the love, happiness and abundance I knew I was deeply desiring.

Although my story will be different from yours …

Your struggle is just as real as mine was.

And just as painful.

Which is why I have designed a unique personalized process which combines the power of positive self-affirmations with the healing power of music to help you amplify your desired results to a whole new level.

Robert’s ability to gently guide me back in touch with my deepest desire for living an integrated life was a true gift. He has supported me to trust in myself in that when I am aligned with my highest values and choose to follow those values, that the fabric of my reality begins to shape itself around that clear vision and intention. Through working with him, I have felt deeply empowered as a creator, to claim for myself a rhythm that serves my needs.

After my Resonance Session, I felt like a piano was lifted off my back. Robert helped me move past some blackages and I immediately became more open to the abundance that was happening in my life.

I was full of bright energy.

Stephanie DeGraw


*These resonance recordings have been created for individual clients and are shared with grateful thanks for the permission granted.


How Do Your Sessions Work?

Resonance Recordings are completely customized experiences that provide you with a unique audio that will be sent to you after our initial 90 minute session together. This unique recording is yours to keep. When listening to this recording, you will be brought back to a very powerful place, a place during your session where you were able to access information to help you carry out your deepest desires and experiences.


What Can I Expect From Your Sessions?

Resonance Sessions are a safe, supportive environment for you to explore your deepest desires. Near the end of your session, you will express feelings, emotions and experiences with me that are really important to you. This pure ‘real-time’ state will be captured and utilized in your own unique recording, something that will not be shared with anyone else. Set to a piece of unique customized music that is composed by myself, your voice and words will resonate even more deeply within you and raise your vibration to align with everything you want most. 

How Will Your Sessions Help Me?

Together we will explore what you want most and identify what might be holding you back. I will help you connect with the words that will be used to create your Resonance Recording. The more you listen to your unique ‘voice recording’ (speaking your own words of affirmation), the more quickly your brain will support you and help you carry out your deepest desires. 

Do I Need To Be Struggling To Work With You?

Not at all! Wherever you are on life’s journey, you can find support through a Resonance Recording. It’s like having you as the coach of your life!

What Do I Get?

We will meet for 90 minutes in person or via zoom or skype and within 7 days of our call, I will send you an MP3 file of your voice, speaking your words set to a customized piece of music. This recording is yours to keep.

You are also invited to book follow up sessions with me so I can offer you additional support on the next phase of your journey..

How Much Does It Cost?

My Resonance Sessions start at $349 and include 1 x 90 minute one to one session and your unique MP3 recording. Get started by booking a FREE call with me here.