You know the power of music! Imagine owning a piece of music that is designed just for you and can assist you in creating exactly what you have been wanting in your life... Now that's powerful music! 

Affirmations are incredibly powerful tools to help us create what is most sacred and desirable in all aspects of our lives. Regardless of our human similarities, all of us operate on different wavelengths or "frequencies". Many of us have needs and desires that are wanting to be witnessed in our lives - immediately! 

Many gurus, thought leaders and successful professionals use affirmations in their daily practice. Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey are of the many celebrities who use them quite frequently! Many people create affirmations for the masses to use on for their daily life. Many have benefited from this and others are still struggling.

Knowing that everybody is different, everyone responds different to music and words, so I wanted to create a solution that could help others attract more of what they want in their lives. Many people have asked me how I came up with this concept of  "personalized music" with "spoken affirmations". Well here's the story...

Back in 2013, I was called to create a piece of music that was specifically tailored for a coaching client of mine to help him anchor and ground himself while he wanted to embody what was most desirable for himself. It was that exact experience in which I knew that I wanted to create something that was powerful enough to help others in a similar fashion.

You're probably wondering... "Hmmm.... Interesting... Tell me more about this process."

This is a deeper look at what the Customized Affirmation process looks like:

1. Setting the tone through Self-Discovery
The first part of this process is to participate in a confidential and informal Discovery Session. Your 1-hour session is scheduled ahead of time and is available via phone, video or in person. This session helps me understand and uncover what is currently taking place in your life. This is the delicate space to connect with me in a candid and vulnerable manner about everything and anything that is taking place in your current circumstances– the good… the not so good… all that you feel most comfortable sharing! This session is a vital part of the process because this recording will be used to create your personally tailored affirmation.

2. Discovering your "Inner" Themes
Based on the information that you share, I will be asking specific questions that are relevant to what you are sharing to see if there is anything that wants to be mentally and emotionally resolved. The intention is to see if there are any blocks or disruptors that are preventing you from achieving the state of mind that is most desired in your life. Discovering these blocks are essential because this may be the pieces that are preventing you from achieving what is most desired.

3. Liberation by Co-Creating Inner Harmony
After discovering these “core themes”, I bring you into a state of deep relaxation – using guided imagery, archetypal images and gentle discovery to help create an environment of peace and inner harmony. This process is helpful to help create harmony to help you receive deeper wisdom, emotional ground and wellbeing. Depending on your circumstances, I may use guided imagery to help you ‘time travel’ to origins of certain belief patterns and experiences that may of caused these flow disruptions. This process is extremely gentle and nurturing and through a series of questions and actions, we get to explore gently together to co-create resolution for you.

4. Time Traveling into the Future - Your Future
Feeling a sense of liberation, I then ask you to step into the future – about 4-8 weeks from present day. At this point, I invite you to experience your life in full expansion – all that is taking place in this window of time. Because you are ‘presently’ experiencing this in ‘real time’, you are currently “affirming” this state – giving you the ability to fully experience this beautiful vision that you have for yourself. This is the most vital part of the entire Affirmation process because this will be included in your final product. I will then have you send me an image that you have envisioned in this ‘future state’ so I can create your final product.

5. Your Final Product
After having your session, I will take the recording and extract your ‘customized affirmation’. I will then compose a piece of music from scratch that is not designed for anyone else but yourself! The image that you give me will be a piece of cover art so when I send you the final high quality MP3 recording (which includes your affirmation and your personal piece of music), you will see an embedded graphic in the audio file.

This piece of music is a transformational composition that is designed specifically for you. I have worked with people all over the world and many have benefitted greatly from this process.

Most of the customized affirmations I designed use are soothing ambient music. I have received requests to use other sounds and it is my pleasure to help you cultivate a sound that is pleasurable and soothing for your ears.

When you receive this final recording, you own 100% of the rights to this recording. Because our session is confidential, I do not broadcast anywhere.

A Customized Affirmation is ideal if you may be desiring:

- Freedom from Anxiety and Uncertainty
- Gaining Mental, Emotional, Ground and Balance
- Movement through Sadness & Depression
- Creativity
- Relationships
- Embodying Wealth and Wellness
- Attracting Your Ideal Career
- Your Most Sacred & Desired Goals, Ambitions and Dreams
- Mending of a Broken Heart / Relationship Breakup
- Grieving over a death of a loved one (including pets)
- Recovering from an Illness (Cancer, Common Cold, Flu, etc.)

For more questions or comments about session times or rates, please feel free to contact me. It is my pleasure to connect with you and provide you what you need in a timely manner!

Here are some real examples of customized affirmations that have been created for LifeRhythms clients: