Have you ever felt like...


- Life is too intense and you can’t go back to ‘the drama and chaos of our everyday world’

- You get lost in doing things in the ‘traditional sense’ and you don’t really resonate with the activities that are ‘supposed to be’ 

- You express yourself to others and they tell you that you are ‘too sensitive’ or have no idea how to show compassion or interest to what you are experiencing in your life

- You have lost touch with your creativity as an artist?

- Traditional methods of assistance are not currently helping your mental or emotional state

- You feel like you have emotionally outgrown your friends and family and you have no idea where to go to express yourself

I understand exactly where you are and you are definitely not alone. I have travelled along this path myself and I am fortunate to have worked with incredible mentors, practitioners and professionals who have instilled amazing insight and direction in my life. I understand that everyone is different and I cater your session according to your specific needs - at this present moment. Now it’s my pleasure to gift you with this amazing knowledge and wisdom.

As an intuitive and empath, I am capable of holding space in a way that is comfortable, vulnerable and nurturing – using language and techniques that is warm, engaging and validating.

Resonance Sessions are Great for:

- Creating More Clarity and Forward Movement
- Feeling Empowered and Secure
- Finding Your own Path (Rhyhtm) in Mainstream Society
- Discover and Eliminate Mental, Emotional & Creative Blocks
- Cultivating and Harnessing your Inner Magic
- Discovering Personal Rituals that work well for you
- Finding Your Place in a Fast Moving World
- Attracting Your Desired Significant Other
- Discovering a Spiritual Path That Truly Works for You
- Creating a Conscious Connection with yourself and others
- Harnessing Your Creativity
- Communicating Clearly with your Significant Other, Family and Friends
- Cultivating your Intuition
- Learning How to Meditate
- Stress Elimination and Relaxation
- HSP’s and Empaths

The space is held vulnerably on the phone, Skype or in person. For more information about Resonance Sessions, click here to contact me.