Life experiences are absolutely incredible and LifeRhythms is extremely grateful to make an impact on many lives. Here are some of the amazing things that clients have to say about LifeRhythms products and services:

“LifeRhythms customized soundscapes and affirmations are a beautiful companion for your journey, whether to peace, acceptance or success. Playing the music over and over. I found the sounds quietly getting into me, until the change I desired had been manifest.” – Daphne Rose Kingma, best-selling author, speaker and workshop leader  –

“Robert produces beautiful music so quickly it blows my mind. He is deeply in touch with the rhythms of the universe.” – John Halcyon –

“I have experienced Robert to be easy to work with and highly creative. He brought my meditation recordings to life with beautiful background sounds that up-leveled my simple recordings to sacred soundscapes.” – Shems Heartwell, Life and Relationship Guide –

“Robert came to me at a time when my spirit was so heavy that anything positive felt far out of reach. He allowed me to be in the space that I was in, feel my feelings and I was able to slowly create what I wanted my life to look like and how I wanted to feel. The customized affirmation that Robert composed for me was so beautifully interwoven that, even as a musician myself, I marveled at the cohesion. Thank you so much for this healing gift my friend: priceless.” – Rachel Lynn Sebastian, Healer / Recording Artist –

““My customized affirmation is a remarkable tool that helps me channel my thoughts and inner feelings to support my greater potential.  I am very grateful for how unique and personal my Life Rhythm is!” – Rod Parza 

“ Robert’s desire to match your needs with a soundscape and his intuitive talent are unparalleled. Whether you would like music for your practice, the sound of your guided meditations, a tune for your clients, Robert makes sure you have that and more: a fully customized, personal sound for your needs.

In addition, Robert is easy to talk with, he has a keen ear, and will support you as you go through the process of figuring out what you want. You will come away with a smile in your heart and your perfect music. I cannot recommend Robert’s services enough. I’m a big fan!” Jenny Calcoen, Personal Transformation Coach –

 “Robert is truly a gifted individual. He is kind and gentle, yet most powerful. He is deeply insightful and highly creative. He has a profound connection with his spirit and is able to draw upon its knowledge, wisdom and guidance. In so doing, Robert simply uplifts and inspires others to be more of who they are. He is a positive force; life affirming, caring and very present.  He intently listens and can truly hear what is being communicated. He is one of those rare people who is in touch with his creative, intuitive and compassionate side. Robert is truly a man of heart, and I feel honored and most grateful to know him.”Richard C. Slade, Spiritual Intuitive Facilitator –

“Robert’s ability to gently guide me back in touch with my deepest desires for living an integrated life was a true gift.  He maintains such a positive and affirming attitude, always believing in the highest possibilities. He has supported me to trust in myself in that when I am aligned with my highest values and choose to follow those values, that the fabric of my reality begins to shape itself around that clear vision and intention.  Through working with him I have felt deeply empowered as a creator, to claim for myself a rhythm that serves my needs. As an entrepreneur it is easy to get pulled into the business of building a business.  With Robert’s guidance I have been reminded time and time again that I can do it how I want and still be very successful!” – Soma Miller, Elemental Landscapes –

“Robert Alexander is AMAZING!! He created a customized affirmation to help me visualize better living circumstances in all aspects of my life. After the process, I felt like a piano was lifted off my back. Robert helped me moved past some blockages and immediately became more open to the abundance that was happening in my life. I was full of bright energy.

After receiving my customized affirmation, I started to listen to it a few times before I went to sleep. At first, I was a little skeptical, but I figured that I might as well try it. In my affirmation, I was talking about manifesting a new place to live. The place I wanted to move into fell through, so I thought that the affirmation wasn’t working. But it WAS working –  behind the scenes! Long story short, instead of sleeping on an air mattress in a crummy apartment, I am now sleeping on a pillowtop bed in a mansion!

There is something about music added to the visualization and Robert’s talent to guide is really powerful. If you would like to experience something like this, be in touch with him. He provides a way to open doors in your life and indeed, he has a true gift. Thanks again Robert!” – Stephanie DeGraw, Power Media Entertainment –

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