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If You’re Anything Like Me

These 5 Words Instantly Conjure Up The Image Of A Genie In A Magic Lamp
Who Is Willing And Able To Grant All Of Your Wishes

And if you’re anything like me, your first wish would probably be …



However, if creating magic in your life was as simple as rubbing a magic lamp
and conjuring up a WISH GRANTING GENIE …

You’d already have everything you desire
You’d already be happy, joyful, abundant, loved and free
You’d already be living the life you know you deserve

So maybe magic isn’t real …

Perhaps magic only exists in children’s stories
In tales of magic wands and fairy godmothers
In stories of magicians with powerful spells
In myths of castles above the clouds where mystical creatures reside
In legends of a Genie in a Lamp who grants 3 wishes …

And you live in the real world with real world problems that need real world solutions


But what if magic is real and as Absalom, the Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland says;

“Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem …
but everyone refuses to believe in magic”

i’m here to tell you …

While you may not live in the world of Aladdin, or in the world of Alice for that matter …

You do live in a magical world

And you DO have the POWER OF A GENIE to CREATE MAGIC in your life

Because the real world is not as real as you perceive it to be
Which isn’t to say that the world is a figment of your imagination
But it is true to say that the way you perceive the world shapes the way you experience the world

“Your vision of the world creates your version of the world

~ Allanah Hunt

The world outside of you does not create the world inside of you

The world inside of you creates the world outside of you

The magic is not out there in the world waiting to be found


You are the genie of the magic lamp

You are the granter of wishes

You are the creator of magic in your life

 “Your life is your magical wand

~ Mike Dooley

Release Your Inner Genie And Claim The Power Of Your Magical Wand To Grant The Wishes Of Your Life

Magic is all around you but sometimes it feels as if a spell has been cast and everything has become dark

It’s tough to harness the light of your magic lamp when clouds appear to hide the moon

It’s hard to grant the wishes of your life when your magic wand is hidden from view

And it’s impossible to release your inner genie when you don’t have the key

Which is why I’ve created a 5 step digital audio program called …


It starts with …

Removing The Magic Curse
Sometimes it can feel as if your life is finally going in the right direction and then out of nowhere, it falls apart. It can happen gradually without you really noticing or it can happen suddenly with devastating effect. If you feel as if your life is on repeat and no matter how hard you try, you can’t break the cycle, then this recording will help you remove the blocks that have kept you trapped. Simply put on your favourite headphones, press play and let all that is troubling you magically fade away.

Coming Home To Your Magical Kingdom
Are you struggling with your mental, emotional or physical wellbeing? Sometimes we need to take the time to come home and rest. In this recording you will be whisked away on a magical journey to an inner place of comfort where you can experience mental, emotional and physical ease. Welcome home your majesty!

Charging Your Magic Lamp
Are you running on empty? So many people are feeling burnt out and depleted of energy right now. In this recording, you’ll activate your heart and experience an environment that will help you fill up and receive energy reserves to recharge your magical powers.

Clearing Your Magic Palace
In this day and age, it’s very easy to feel lost, confused and scattered. The ‘real world’ makes enormous demands and your mind chatter can keep you constantly off balance. This recording will help you declutter your mind and experience the peace and clarity you need to claim your magic wand.

Connecting With Your Inner Genie
This recording will guide you to access your connection to your magic lamp – that space inside where you can activate your inner genie. Experience the potency and magic of this connection unfold within you. Allow your inner light to radiate out and deliver all the freedom, peace, love and abundance you desire.

It’s like having your own personal genie mentor

Helping you shine up your magic lamp

And guiding you to your own genie power within

Simply put on your headphones and let the magic unfurl


How Do I Receive The Genie In Your Headphones Program?

Once you’ve completed the order and your purchase has been confirmed, you’ll receive an email (within one hour) with links to listen or download your 5 digital audio tracks. You can save these to your phone and listen whenever you choose. 

How Often Should I Listen?

The Genie In Your Headphones audio program is powerful and the more you listen, the faster you will ignite your own genie power within. You can listen in a quiet space during the day or play your favorite track as you drift off to sleep.

Do I Need To Listen To The Audios In Order?

When you first listen to the Genie In Your Headphones audio program, it is best to listen to each track in order. They are numbered 1-5 to ensure you gain maximum benefit from each step. Once you have listened a few times, you can simply re-listen to your favorite tracks or allow your intuition to guide you to what you need to hear on any given day.

How Do I Save The Audios To My Digital Device?

Use the links provided in your follow up email and right click on the three little dots and choose download. Select Files and your tracks will be downloaded to the Files app on your digital device.