If you believe that music can help transform your mind, body and soul - you are not alone!

For thousands of years, music has been a powerful tool to help people heal, become motivated, inspired and empowered. Scientists and doctors have completed many tests about the power of music and seen incredible results. Some people even identify with music being a belief system that transcends religion, politics, racism and corruption. More and more people that I have been speaking with deeply resonate with the power of music and its ability to influence and impact them on a profound level.

Are you seeking an alternative modality that offers you the nourishment you desire to experience well-deserved health, healing and happiness?

I created LifeRhythms because I felt that music truly can help facilitate healing in their healing process. You deserve to live a happy and abundant life – and the right combination of modalities make a huge world of difference.

Customized Soundscapes and Affirmations are similar to medical prescriptions – however nothing is ingested or injected through the body. I create these soundscapes to help address specific goals and desires and everything is directly tailored for each client that I work with.  Again - anything that I create is custom tailored to your specific needs!  That means no pre-made or duplicated music. Everything I create is made from scratch and designed to help you evolve and progress in your life. My music is the perfect compliment to help calm, soothe and nurture you as you receive treatment. It is highly recommended to receive treatment from a medical professional who has the authority to diagnose you. Please note that the music that I create is not ‘guaranteed’ to heal you of any condition.

LifeRhythms have worked with many people who have experienced these health challenges, ailments, disabilities and conditions:

- Alzheimer’s
- Dementia
- Trauma / Phobias
- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
- Autism
- Cancer
- Menopause
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Stress
- Insomnia
- Grieving (over a loved one or animal)
- Addiction / Sobriety
- Chronic Pain
- Special Needs
- Fibromyalgia

Here are some examples of customizable soundscapes that have been created for personal wellbeing:

My Process:

My process is extremely simple. My intention is to create as much ease and effortlessness in any co-creative process that I take part in. Here is my process with how I help you create your customized soundscape:

Step 1) Discovery Session - We connect on the phone or Skype about your amazing project.

Step 2) Conceptual Phase - I create your ideal soundscape.

Step 3) Revisions - I create the necessary revisions for your final approval.

Step 4) Final Approval - Your track is complete and is 100% yours. You control the license and contain ALL rights to the music. Yes, I am serious! All of them!

Click here to listen to some of my music samples.

Ready to discuss your project?

I offer a complimentary 'no-strings attached' phone call or skype session to discuss your existing or upcoming projects. My intention is to create a space that provides excitement, clarity and satisfaction with the direction of your project! Click here to be redirected to the Contact Page.