My name is Robert Alexander and I am the founder of LifeRhythms. I am an Audio Alchemist - a creator of powerful sounds and vibrations that help create a sense of greater wellbeing in personal and professional environments.

I work with many businesses who primarily use customized music for wellness, well-being and their marketing / promotional materials.

Many of these business owners are involved with wellness, healing and have a strong desire for their clients to feel motivated, healthy and inspired. I have worked with a variety of wellness businesses - life coaches, motivational speakers, Reiki masters, yoga instructors, fitness coaches and many other businesses owners who need purposeful, inspirational and motivational music for their branding and promotional needs.

When I work with people on a personal level, I create custom tailored soundscapes that are used to help them create a sense of greater wellbeing. Many of these people are experiencing major life transitions, medical challenges and/or experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, grieving, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), ADHD and PTSD. I also have worked with those who classify themselves as empaths and HSP. Very much similar to a doctors prescription, I am (metaphorically) creating “audio prescriptions” - soundscapes that are catered directly for individuals and their specific needs. Customized affirmations and customized soundscapes are wonderful tools to help them overcome illness, move through difficult patterns and obstacles, help them create a new belief systems and promote more happiness and wellbeing.

Whether I create music for a business or an individual, every soundscape is uniquely and specifically tailored for each client. Each client owns all of the rights to their music and nothing is released without their written consent.

I also provide Resonance Sessions - customized empowerment sessions (with custom tailored music, of course) that helps you move through massive creative blocks, sabotaging negative patterns, a whole range of vulnerable emotions & experiences and life transitions while witnessing and manifesting the happiness and freedom in your life that deeply resonates with you. Based on your existing needs, I will create a customized structure / format to help you gather the results you desire!

Alongside my role as an Audio Alchemist, I also own a freelance graphic design business and I have my own original music project under the moniker Evlov. I have music on iTunes, Google Play, BandcampPandora and many other places around the world. I have two releases signed on a domestic and international label (BassStar records in San Francisco and Ovnimoon Records in Chile) in the GeoMagnetic Records family. Because I am passionate about having fun, having easeful and authentic experiences, connecting other like minded people and cultivating music awareness, I also DJ at events and host my own private events and curated gatherings durning different times throughout the year. For more information about my exclusive events and shows, I invite you to be in touch with me through, phone, email or sign up for my email list above this page.

With every product and service that I offer, it is my pleasure to serve you in best way possible, using unconventional (out-of-the-box) methods that provide you the best experiences and services. I am a huge believer in providing comfort, ease, quality, personability, transparency and authenticity in every service and product that I offer.

Wishing you an amazing day and thank you for reading! I very much look forward to connecting with you!